Seasons Fund for Social Transformation catalyzes vibrant and effective social change movements by coupling the power of personal transformation with the public work of creating a just and sustainable world. Together, we aim to raise at least $10 million to support those working for social, economic and environmental justice to embrace a range of contemplative practices that can deepen their capacity to lead.

What we do

After 6 years of supporting and advancing the field of transformative social change, the Seasons Fund for Social Transformation will be closing on October 4, 2013.

In our 6 years of work, we’ve made grants to support organizations at the front line of creating and integrating transformative social change strategies and approaches, we’ve supported convenings that brought this field together, and we’ve brought new funders into supporting this work.

Though Seasons itself will not be continuing, the great work continues on through foundations like Hidden Leaf, The Angell Foundation, the Compton Foundation, and many others. This community of transformation-minded funders continues on through the work of the Wisdom Funders Network, and the broader conversation is reflected in Transformation on Open Democracy.

Most importantly, this work continues on through the work of Seasons’ former grantees and the many other organizations working to advance transformative approaches to social change.

A report will be forthcoming in the near future, and Seasons’ website will remain up for at least a year as an archive of our accomplishments.


“What breaks down networks can be the individuals in it.”

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In this blog for the Web of Change, Marianne Manilov shares two examples of innovative campaigns that are breaking new ground in an organizing model that’s built to scale and built to last.

It’s a short piece and well …

Transformative Social Change – the engine driving the most exciting organizing today?

posted on: Jul 12, 2012

I’ve got a hypothesis that I’d like your help in exploring: The most exciting organizing of our time is organizing that is, at heart, guided by transformative organizing principles and practices.

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